Monday, April 19, 2010

Special dedication to

This is a special dedication to a very dear friend from

I don’t have keen interest in Korean movies, Japanese stuffs or anything associated to those two. But anyway, these pictures are for MODE and not forgetting YOU, taken a few days ago during our trip to Japan....(hahaha...perasan lah, bila masa pula saya ke Jepun??) These pictures were taken by Mr Hubby who were there last week. As for me, I am as busy as always working very, very hard to finish the biggest writing project ever. And there will be more writing project to come...just love writing and reading. Kalau boleh rasa macam nak makan buku-buku di Pesta Buku KL bulan lepas.

Dear Mode, thanks for everything and thanks for being around when I need a shoulder to cry on. Eh...bila nak pergi makan-makan lagi?? And not forgetting Yat..Love both of you..